King Chanticleer music for the Texas Tommy

Several period newspaper articles on the Texas Tommy reference “King Chanticleer” as the quintessential Texas Tommy tune.

The Library of Congress provides an original, 1912 recording of King Chanticleer, composed by Nat. D. Ayer:

The 1910 sheet music has been made available for download by Indiana University, which is where the featured image for this article derived.  I would ordinarily reproduce the sheet music on this site, but the university’s disclaimer indicates a concern about copyright infringement, and I do not want to inadvertently trod upon their rights.

This is a popular ragtime song, and as such, a number of renditions are available on youtube.  Below, Mississippi State University Libraries presents Brian Holland performing his rendition of King Chanticleer at the 2008 Templeton Ragtime and Jazz Festival.

According to his bio on the Ragtime Festival website, Mr. Holland is a Grammy Award-nominated pianist and a three-time World Old-time Piano Playing Champion.

Youtube user Monty Suffern has also recorded a video wherein he plays King Chanticleer on the piano:

Mr. Suffern’s webpage informs me that in addition to being a Ragtime enthusiast, he is also an aviator, a rally car racer, and a professor of aerospace engineering.

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