Anna Pavlowa Describes the Russian Gavotte to the El Paso Herald – Lesson 3

On December 20, 1913, the El Paso Herald published the third of three lessons on the Russian Gavotte by famed ballerina Anna Pavlowa.  That lesson has been reproduced below:

El Paso herald., December 20, 1913, Week-End Edition, COMIC SECTION, Image 19

El Paso herald., December 20, 1913, Week-End Edition, COMIC SECTION, Image 19.jpg

As with her previous two articles on the subject (available for review here and here), Ms. Pavlowa chooses two figures to focus upon.  In this case, she reviews the Side Salute (figure A) and Finale (figure B).  Ms. Pavlowa once again demonstrates by herself as, per previous lessons, the gentleman and the lady execute identical footwork on identical feet.  For the first time, Ms. Pavlowa briefly discusses the lead/follow dynamic of this unusual dance, stating:

“As in the case with both the Hesitation Waltz and the Tango, the selection of figures in the Russian Gavotte is left largely to the discretion of the masculine partner.  There is no set rule for their introduction, but if you use caution and move only from one pose, or step, to another which can be accomplished with ease and without awkwardness, you will have no great difficulty.”

Which is, I think, to say, that the lead is largely visual.

The article was provided by Chronicling America.  The featured image, which pictures Charlie Chaplin and Anna Pavlowa (designated “Pavlova” in this particular photograph) in 1922, was provided by Wikimedia Commons.  It is currently in the public domain in the United States.



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