Cellarius’s Redowa – Valse Bohemenne

The following sheet music is entitled “La Redowa No.1, Valse Bohemenne, with figures by Cellarius, and taught by Mr. Wm. Whale and Daughter.”  The Library of Congress states that it was published by Wm. Vanderbeek, in New York in 1846, and lists S. W. Bassford as the arranger.  The complete music has been replicated below:

The sheet music contains a description of the Redowa basic step and simple variations.  I have enlarged this description below:


Redowa 2
Redowa Description

According to the text, the Redowa is danced in “triple time, slower than the ordinary waltz.”  The writer lists the Promenade, Redowa Waltz and Pursuit as figures of the dance.  Notations have been provided throughout the music, indicating where specific steps are suggested.

The sheet music referenced above, and the featured image for this post, was provided by the Library of Congress.

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