Jullien’s Original Mazurka, or the Cellarius Valse, and a description of “The Celebrated Mazurka of Spa”

“Jullien’s Original Mazurka, or the Cellarius Valse” was composed by Jullien, who provides no second name.  The music was published by Firth, Pond & Co., No. 1 Franklin Sq. in New York.  Although no publication date has been provided, the fashions sported by the pictured ladies pictured  would date the composition sometime in the 1840s to mid 1850s.  The cover of the sheet music states that it is “Dedicated to Mrs. E. Ellis (And Taught By Her After the Most Approved Parisian Style).”

The music includes detailed descriptions of the dance figures intended to be performed to Jullien’s composition.  According to the header notes, the dance notates “The Celebrated Mazurka of Spa,” with description provided by “Messieurs Laborde, Corralli, and Elie, Professors at the Royal Academy of Paris.”  The sheet music has been reproduced below:

Jullien’s Original Mazurka, or the Cellarius Valse

The dance incorporates the following figures and steps: Round, Holubiec, Promenade, Tour Sur Place, Change of Ladies, Moulinet, Double Chaine Anglaise, Chaisse-Ouvert, and Sur Le Cote.  The pages diagraming the dance figures have been enlarged below:

Jullien's Mazurka 2
Instructions 1
Jullien's Mazurka 3
Instructions 2

The music, and the cover image for this post, was provided by the Levy Sheet Music Collection and Johns Hopkins Libraries. This library is vast and excellently curated.  I suggest visiting the site if you have the opportunity.

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