Sources and Links

While many sources have yet to be digitized, many treatises, dance manuals and other historic references and documentation are readily available on the internet:

The Library of Congress – Dance Manuals

Richard Powers’ Archives

Digital Public Library of America

The New York Times Archives

California Digital Newspaper Collection

Nebraska Newspapers

Papers Past – New Zealand Newspapers

Library of Congress – Chronicling of America

Library of Congress – Images

National Jukebox – Original Music Recordings through the Library of Congress

New York Public Library Digital Collections

Lives of the First World War Images

British Library Image Collection

Smithsonian Library

JScholarship – Johns Hopkins Libraries

Tulane University Digital Library

Louisiana Digital Library

UCSB Cylinder Audio Archive

Mississipi University Digital Collection

Indiana University Sheet Music Library

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 19th Century American Sheet Music Library

University of California Libraries

University of Minnesota Media Archives

Classic Ragtime Piano – Collection of Ragtime piano sheet music

Moving Image Research Collections at the University of South Carolina

British Pathe

Wikimedia Digital Library

The National Portrait Gallery

Ragtime Guitare

University of Oxford Libraries

York Space

Dancing Books Bibliography

Dance Heritage Collection

A List of Dance Manuals

A List of Anti-Dance Treatises

Internet Archive

Google Scholar

There are also a number of individuals and organizations dedicated to the study and recreation of vintage dances:

Richard Powers, Dance Historian and Instructor at Stanford University

Joan Walton, Lecturer and Instructor at San Jose State University and the College of San Mateo

Catherine Turocy, an expert in 17th and 18th Century period performance

Mass Historia, a site by Walter Nelson that examines dances of the jazz age

Capering and Kickery, a site by Susan DeGuardiola that analyzes sources from the 16th century through the 1960s

The New York Baroque Dance Company, Ms. Turocy’s performance group, based in New York, New York

The Academy of Danse Libre, a performance group based in Palo Alto, California

Watch Your Step, a performance group based in Boulder, Colorado

Commonwealth Vintage Dancers, a performance group based in Boston, Massachusetts

The Flying Cloud Dance Academy, a performance group based in Cincinnati, Ohio

Lexington Vintage Dance, a performance group based in Lexington, Kentucky

Dances Through Time, a performance group based in San Francisco, California

The San Diego Vintage Dance Society, dedicated to producing vintage dance events across the United States

I have encountered the following scholarly articles in my searches:

The Music of James Reese Europe for Vernon and Irene Castle – Dissertation by Ralph G. Barrett for University of South Carolina (2013)

The Texas Tommy, Its History, Controversies, and Influence on American Vernacular Dance – Dissertation by Rebecca Ruth Strickland (2006). Electronic Theses, Treatises and Dissertations. Paper 1538.

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