Andrea Meazza And Constance Seymour Demonstrate “The Real Argentine Tango” in 1924

British Pathe has provided the following 1924 footage of Andrea Meazza and Constance Seymour dancing the Argentine Tango:

The opening placard states:

“Danced to the haunting melody of Yradier’s ‘La Paloma’, this creepy, sinuous, saucy Tango is the beloved of the Cabarets in Latin America”.

The National Jukebox has nine versions of this song available for review, ranging in date from 1902 to 1920.  According to Wikipedia, “La Paloma” was composed around 1863 by Spanish composer Sebastián Iradier (later Yradier), and has since gone on to be one of the most recorded pieces of music in history.

While British Pathe is a newsreel archive, with videos available for purchase, they have made a large number of videos from their historic archive available for free viewing.  The link above connects to a video on the the British Pathe youtube channel.  The featured image is a screenshot still from the video.

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