Les Russes: a Set of Mazurkas and a Set of Polkas by Coote and Clover

The following sheet music, entitled, “Les Russes: a Set of Mazurkas and a Set of Polkas by Coote and Clover” was published in 1845.  It contains music for a polka quadrille, a mazurka quadrille, and detailed descriptions of both dances:

The print for the dance instructions is small, so I have enlarged it below:


The instructions describe the Cellarius Waltz, Mazurka Quadrille figures, and London Polka Quadrille figures.  According to the author, the mazurka, or “mazourka”, is the national dance of Poland, which was later introduced to Russia during the Russian subjugation of Poland.

The music referenced in this post, and the cover image, was provided by the Music Library at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  According to the University, the sheet music is in the public domain.

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