1927 Tango and Waltz Outtakes on the S.S. France

The University of South Carolina Moving Image Research Collections has made available for viewing a video entitled Fox News Story B6315, B6316, dated at January 6, 1927.  According to the University, the video depicts, “Scenes of Ellis Gold and Bonna O’Dear performing the tango and a waltz on the deck of the SS France, including slow motion scenes of the couple dancing.”


I have taken a few poor quality screen shots:

A lovely still is available for purchase at Corbis Images, apparently taken in conjunction with the filming of this dance sequence.  According to Corbis, the picture’s original caption states:

When the S.S. France docked, very few dance devotees knew the surprise Bonna O’Dear and Ellis Gold, dancers, had in store for them. But that didn’t stop them both from rehearsing the “Tango del amor” new dance of love, on the deck of the liner. A Spanish motif gave the inspiration for it and now dance fans have something to keep them busy. Photo shows the third step, the “corte” back of the “Tango del amor.”

I would love to reproduce it here, but Corbis is fairly expensive and I make no money producing this little site.  If you would like to see Bonna O’Dear and Ellis Gold executing a corte, you are welcome to do so at their website.

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