British Pathé Presents “The Latest Dance – The Baltimore” (1925)

Barrie Oliver and Beryl Evetts, among others, demonstrate “The Baltimore,” in the following 1925 instructional video:

Other featured dancers include Santos Casani and Jose Lennard, Alec Millar and Phyllis Haylor, Maxwell Stewart and Pat Sykes, and Frank Ford and Molly Spain.   Barrie Oliver and Beryl Evetts are credited with creating the dance for the stage.  Getty Images actually has a photograph available for license of Ms. Evetts doing the Baltimore in 1928 with a different partner. The caption describes it thusly: “Miss Beryl Evetts, the Charleston champion, assisted by Leslie Rose, giving the first public demonstration of the Baltimore, the new ballroom dance which has superseded the Yale Blues in popularity.”

New York Public Library provides this picture of actor Barrie Oliver:


They would like it credited thusly:

Billy Rose Theatre Division, The New York Public Library. “Barrie Oliver” The New York Public Library Digital Collections.

The cover photo is a picture of Beryl Evetts and the Syd Roy Lyricals Dance Band, in 1929.  The picture was provided by Wikimedia Commons.  It is sourced to the State Library of New South Wales.



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